Ansible Tutorial

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What is Ansible?

Ansible is an open source automation tool. It can manage powerful automation tasks like configure systems, deploy software and orchestrate more advanced IT tasks.

Ansible is Simple:

Ansible codes (called as playbooks) provide human readable automation.

Ansible is Powerful:

Ansible can be used to deploy applications, for configuration management, for workflow automation and network automation.

Ansible is agentless:

Ansible is an agentless application. Ansible codes are available in the ansible server and all configuration changes can be made on the remote servers without having any agent in it.

Few main Strengths of Ansible are:

1.       Cross platform support – Support Linux/Unix, Windows, network devices.
2.       Human readable automation – Easy to write and understand the codes.
3.       Support of dynamic inventories – list of remote machines can be updated dynamically while executing the code.

                      << InstallingAnsible >>


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